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Beauty School – Make a Splash in the Beauty Market

Beauty school, sometimes called cosmetology school or cosmetic school, is a place where you can learn and practice the skills needed to work in a variety of professions such as barbering, cosmetology, nails, esthetics, or massage therapy. These careers are often more flexible than traditional 2- or 4-year degrees and allow you to work around other responsibilities in your life.

Top Cosmetology Schools
Whether you’re looking to get your cosmetology license or are just interested in exploring a career in the field, there are many options available for you to choose from. These programs vary in price, location, and type of program, but all will provide you with the tools necessary to become a licensed beauty professional.

The best cosmetology schools are those that offer a high level of hands-on training and are known for their excellent reputations among salon owners, clients, and educators. They also offer a wide variety of courses, including hair coloring and styling, nail art, and spa treatments.

Some of the most popular cosmetology schools are those that have a good track record in helping graduates find employment after graduation. This is because they focus on job skills rather than academic learning, and their students spend a lot of time on the salon floor, so when they graduate they are well-prepared for their first day as a stylist!

They teach their students all the tips and tricks to be successful in a career in the beauty industry, as well as how to market themselves and promote their skills to potential clients.

International Academy for Health & Skin Care
The International Academy for Health and Skin Care is one of the most recognized beauty schools in South Africa. It offers a Diploma and Postgraduate Course in Skincare to hone your skills and help you make a big splash in the beauty market!

Pivot Point International
Leo Passage, a renowned hairstylist and cosmetology educator, founded the beauty instruction company Pivot Point International in 1962. Since then, the company has grew to become the most widely taught, global beauty school education programme, accessible in over 2,000 institutions, spanning 70 countries, and in 15 languages.

Its digital platform, LAB (Learn About Beauty), closely resembles social media, making it an engaging and entertaining way for students to learn about the different elements of the beauty industry.

They also have an extensive network of industry professionals who can help students navigate the world of beauty careers. This includes working with major beauty brands, as well as providing career advice and guidance to students.

Aveda – The world’s largest natural, organic, and biodynamic beauty brand has a group of cosmetology and beauty schools spread across the world, with locations in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Korea. This group takes pride in their dedication to environmental awareness and the education of their students.

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